2016 Personal and Professional Goals + Bonuses

Saturday, January 23, 2016
I have been a bad, bad blogger lately.  After starting a new job, keeping house and being a taxi to and from practices/games - this mama has been worn down!  2016 has proved to have some challenges, but I am doing more things for ME!  Gosh, if felt good to say that!  I have taken on a new photography business, continued success with bridal clients for 2016 and started dipping my feet into real estate.

Hubs and I always start the year off making both professional and personal goals.  It may be things we want for ourselves, maybe personality trait changes or family goals.

This year, I thought I would share with you what I am striving for this year.  And by the way - some items may seem superficial or ridiculous, but I am a firm believer in rewarding yourself when you make it big!  It's how I keep going, it's how I push myself to be better both at home and at work!

In no particular order .. here is what I'm reaching for ...
1.  Creating an Ourdoor Oasis for my family.  I wanting to utilize are backyard as an area we all can sit, relax, eat, play, and all around enjoy.  2.  I will be working towards getting my Real Estate License this year.  3.  I have wanted this bag for SOOOO long.  It's stunning and would go with everything ... it's going to be mine!   4.  Continuing my Photography Business in all areas [families & possibly using it towards photography as well!]  5.  This is just a personal goal - I am working on getting Fit.  I am tired of being out of breath and feeling bad for myself - time to get up and do something about it!  6.  Self-Secret ... my hair only gets a little passed my shoulders and stops.  So this year, if I reach a few of my professional and personal goals - I'll be getting some nice ol' Mermaid Extensions!  Super weird of me I know, but a girl wants what she wants ;)  7.  And finally - the kids have NO clue, but we're surprising them with Disney this year ... whoop whoop. Ryan and I both have never been so this is going to be super exciting for the family!

Lots of professional goals will need to be reached to do and receive - so no time like the NOW to get on it!  Here's to 2016 ... I can't wait!

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29th and Delight said...

Get it, girl! Congrats on embarking on the real estate journey! And LOVE that Louie -- I have the GM Neverfull in the same print and LOVE it...I wish I could say it was a reward of a professional endeavor...but next best reason instead - it was my push present ha! Cheers to a fabulous and successful 2016! Can't wait to get inspired by your patio ideas! ;)

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