{Christmas in KC}

Monday, December 22, 2008
Every year my family travels to Kansas City to go to my grandma's house in Independence. My mom and her sisters families come as well, and it's always the weekend before Christmas. This year we had it Sunday, and my dad was nice enough to share some of the photo's he took during the day.

There are some traditions our family has never parted with. For one, the meal will always consist of steak fondue with sides of potatoes, salads and bread. Everyone will always have their own stocking that my grandma made, and inside the men will always get batteries and armorial, and the women will always get household items and bath and body works. Inside every one's stocking will be an Orange. Don't ask me why. There will be little dishes around the house filled with chocolates and orange slices as well. There are just some things that will never change.

This year we had a great group, it was Ryan, Braeden, my mom, my dad, my brother Justin, his girlfriend Emily, my Aunt Lisa, my aunt Amy, my cousin Tyler, and my grandma, all sitting around the Christmas tree!

Here are just a few of the pictures throughout the day ...

Only 3 days left!

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Bonnie Meyer said...

My grandma always puts oranges in the stockings too!!! Crazy!

Merry Christmas!

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