{My Sick Baby Boy}

Sunday, December 7, 2008
This weekend, my 13-month-year-old got sick, for the first time! It has been awful! The poor boy has been throwing up since Saturday morning, and is so weak, he can hardly sit down. I have been spoon feeding him liquids all weekend long, and he just lays around sick as can be.
I just feel so bad for him. Hopefully tomorrow he will start feeling better. ... I NEED him to start feeling better, I am exhausted.

Keep us in your prayers!!
(On a side note ... although the game on Saturday was an embarrassment!!!! At least we are Alamo bound! Go Tigers!!)


Just Dandy Blog said...


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Sweet Simplicity said...

Poor baby...and mommy! I hope he gets to feeling better soon. And I hope you don't catch it.

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