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Sunday, January 11, 2009
Ryan, Braeden and I have had so much fun this holiday break with our friends that we rarely get to see. Now that Ryan has more free time with his new job, we can go out more ... which is soo nice!

Braeden and I were able to hang out with the sweet quads ... who are so much fun! And Ryan and I were able to hang out with both Cody and Philip and Melissa and Jonnie. ** Sad news, I took so many pictures of Cody and I and the bump ... but, my stupid camera ... Cody, they got deleated and I hate myself for it ... I'm sorry!

Anyways, here are some of the pictures of our fun Christmas break!

So I apologize. I know I have been a bit blah lately, and I will pick up. I have been extremely tired, and, well I will say it, lazy. So hang in there, and I will post some good stuff in the next couple of days. Plus, I go back to the doctor on Tuesday so I will have some udating on the new addition soon! Can't wait!

ps: wish me luck, I am trying to convince my beautiful husband to MOVE and so far, I think it's working :)

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Anonymous said...

moving.. where?!?! please say closer to the lou!

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