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Friday, May 14, 2010
About a month ago I traded in my beloved Escalade and got a Suburban. It was really unexpected actually. I was so happy with my car, it was beautiful, it was pretty big, but just didn't have the room in the back that I really wanted.

I was hanging out with a girlfriend of mine when Ryan called and said, "You got a new car, bring yours home now so we can trade." Umm ... ok?

Now, Ryan doesn't ever make decisions with out me, at least not decisions that big, so I knew he had found an incredible deal. He had been talking for about 6 months about wanting a Suburban, I just never thought anything of it. Actually, I really didn't want something that big.

Once I got home and saw it, I loved it. The room was incredible. It was a darker color which I liked, and it had a few perks that my other ride didn't have. The two best parts ... captain chairs and the dvd player. Talk about life savors. Did I mention the big fat MU decal on the back? Love it! This car drives just like the Escalade did, so I literally have ZERO complaints. And if I had to choose between the two ... I would definitely go with the Suburban. Even though I feel like I am driving a small bus :)

All in all, it was a great trade. I am happy and I guess that is all that matters since I am the one in the drivers seat! Now, maybe I can keep this car longer than a year?



Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I need ! A suburban ! We have a big family , but I'm still stuck with my mini van ! Looks like it has a ton of room :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I am completely in love with my Murano...but I have a feeling that when more kiddos come along, we're going to have to go with something bigger. Your little munchkins look soooo comfy!

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