{Spoke to Soon}

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
Looks like I spoke too soon. Today I have been tending to two boys all day long. Ryan has been extremely sick, and Bayler won't stop throwing up, crying, etc. It has been 24 hours now where he will throw a temper tantrum if I set him down, sit down with him, or barely leave his sight. If he isn't in my arms, he is not happy, and not going to let anyone get any sleep.

It's taken its toll on me. I am exhausted, and I can not WAIT until this all passes. Today was really unbearable. Bayler will not sleep in his crib, will not go to bed, and I have tried EVERYTHING. I have given him the meds that we got at the ER, I took off his clothes thinking he was too hot. I have laid with him, rocked him, read to him, walked, ugh ...everything.

FINALLY, he fell asleep in my arms. I gently placed him in his crib, and 10 mins later ... screaming! SO, here we are, on the couch, and I finally found something to keep his eyes off of me ... food ... go figure.

You should see my couch after this picture ... I have these crazy puffs EVERYWHERE, and guess what? I don't care. He can just chow down and occupy himself ... this mommy is TIRED!

Hey, if Bayler's happy ... Mommy's happy!

** Also note that after he was done eating, I picked up all of the cheese puffs off the couch, he immediatly started to cry, picked back up the can, and dumped them all out. This was followed by laughter ... hrmm.



Cody said...

Poor baby Bayler...hang in there, Mama! Hopefully this will pass soon. Daycare germs?

S said...

Hope your little one feels better soon...I think everybody has this nasty little bug! My whole family is sick too! Hubs has had it twice in a week, baby's been sick since Saturday, and I got sick last night. My kid is addicted to those cheesy poofs, as we call them. Hehe. He always acts up at the mall so we just bring a can of those along and keep filling his little cup on his stroller and he's perfectly content until he runs out!

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