{Bayler's Week: Day 1}

Monday, June 21, 2010
By the end of this week (Friday) my little boy will be 1. I just can't believe it. He is my cuddle bug, my Bayler Bear & my momma's boy. I wish he would just say this small forever!

We are planning a birthday party for him of course this next weekend. I can't wait to put everything together, and decorate for the party. Since I am super excited about everything I have created thus far, I figured I would take pictures this week and post every day till Friday, something I have done for the party.

The party is an airplane theme like many of you know. I posted the invitation here. Just FYI: I got the logo idea from Etsy. However, I did not steal the logo, I recreated it in photoshop, so it was just the way I like it. Now I can use if free will :)

Here is the "Baggage Sign" I created. It will be hanging right above where the gifts, aka, luggage are. I thought this was SO cute!! I also made a similar one for the "Beverage Cart," but I'll post that later :) The sticks with the plane logo on them are the cupcake toppers ... I create them for EVERY party!

Of course I had to make little baggies with peanuts and pretzels ... the party would not be complete without them! The rock candy and peppermint sticks will be in glass jars on the table to go along with the color scheme.

More to come tomorrow, enjoy!



JennyLee said...

You have some serious talent in the party planning department my friend!

J said...

I am so sad that I am missing out!! Seriously...it is going to be so much fun!! You are so creative! :)

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