{Bayler's Big Boy Bed}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011
Yay! Bayler Bear finally has his own bed ... it's been a long time coming let me tell you!! He has been out of his crib for sometime now, and pretty much just sleeping with me every night. In fact, if you asked him to go to his room, he would walk straight back to mine ... umm, not so good!

Since I have had some unusual free time since the surgery, which really means, I can't do a whole lot except plan, I decided it was time to get Bayler his own space!!

He now has his own pretty little car bed, which he adores! I purchased bedding about a year ago on sale, which looks so cute. It even has a giraffe on it ... it's Bayler's favorite animal. It's really just perfect. Like I said, now both boys sleep in the same room, and have a whole room as their playroom now ... can't wait to show you their playroom tomorrow ... for now, here is Bayler's new bed ...


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