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Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Now that the boys have their own bedroom, it was time to crate a space that is kid-friendly, and a place to house all of their toys. It was a tough decision if I should move both of their beds in the same room, but I felt it was necessary in our house to have both a bedroom and playroom. We are lacking on space, and this seemed to be the easiest way to deal with the situation.

Their new playroom is a work in progress. I moved the crib to the side and took off the drop side. I then was able to use a huge square beanbag and create a "day bed" look for them to read and play on. I laid down a rug and placed their toys around and in their toy box.

So far, the kids LOVE this. It's their room to do whatever you please. In the corner of the room you can't see, we have the Rockband drums set up to a TV for them to play with. It's been a smooth transaction, and I am not regretting anything.

I am planning on purchasing some Uppercase Living to add some decor to the walls. What else do you think I need to add or take out?

To see what the Nursery looked like before, go here.



Anonymous said...

Hey Natalie! I love the room! Your boys are so lucky! I was wondering where you got the white dresser with the lamp on it? I was also wonder if the green furniture was a TV armoire, or what?

Veronika said...

Love the green armoire!!
I would say you could always add shelves for small toys, or stuffed toys and maybe some coat hangs if they have clothes they like to dress up in {my boys like to dress up like firemen or pirates!} to decorate the walls some. Just some little suggestions since you asked! :)
The room looks great though!

Hattie said...

Looks great! We are hoping to turn our garage into a large playroom for the boys & I can't wait!!!

Natalie "The Pampered Mom" said...

Love the idea of the hooks for dress up clothes ... great idea, and I know just the place!

The green armoire was a garage sale find, picked it up for $12.00, and yes, it was for a tv. It's currently housing books, Bayler's hanging clothes, etc. The white dresser was acutally MY changing table when I was a baby. My parents let us have it and we painted it white. It's such a cool piece!

Thanks for asking!

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