{Bayler's 2nd Birthday: The Details}

Wednesday, July 6, 2011
Before I share with you all the cute pictures from Bayler's Birthday Party, here are a few of the details ...

1. The first is Bayler's cute birthday shirt. All I did is buy an iron on giraffe from etsy and put it on a blue shirt. This cost me $5.00 total ... and was adorable on him. Easy detail!

2. These were one of my favorite details at the party. Chocolate mustache/lip molds. How cute ... and did I mention how much fun they were? Everyone had the giggles the whole party! I bought the molds for cheap on amazon and bought the chocolate at Walmart. I was also able to get lollipop sticks as Walmart. I just used food coloring to create the blue & orange, and since our other color was brown, I kept them milk chocolate color.

3. Since we had a ton of drink stations, I needed to use glassware. And, since by now you know my obsession with mason jars, I am sure you had an idea you would be using them. I bought the striped blue and orange straws from Pretty Smitten, and I LOVE THEM. I have used them in many weddings, but this was my first time incorporating them with a birthday party. I designed the signage after the invites and water bottles. Each side either had a "B" or a "2". I punched a whole through each circle, and added DIY Baker's Twine. They turned out super cute!

4. Nothing special, but I always use candy in the colors of the birthday party. Since Bayler's party was orange, blue & brown I grabbed some orange slices & some blue Hershey Kisses. Totally random, but they looked cute! This was also the first time I bough candy jars ... love them.

There were more details of course, but you'll see those in the next post. I will reveal the entire party in tomorrows blog post. Hope you enjoyed all the details!


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