{Fall Family Pictures .... What to do?}

Friday, October 14, 2011
Hey! Remember me? yeah, I'm the mom who has been too busy to even check on my blog lately, let alone write something ... anything!!! I promise I will start doing better!!

Although all my main events are over for the year, I have been starting a few annual events that are blowing my mind right now. WAY too much for just me to handle, SO, I am teaching a field experience class, oh just something else to add to my plate :) I still haven't shared out vacation pictures yet!!

Next week we are getting our photos taken. And USUALLY, I would have picked outfits out at least ... but I have nothing! So friends, have any ideas for fall pictures for families with small kids? Any suggestions? What should we all wear? I NEED your input!!


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The Phelps said...

our picture are a little different than yours since we have two boys two girls, but how we kind of decide on what to wear is whatever the guys wear the girls wear opposite. for example the boys could wear jeans with warm colored polos, and then you could wear a jean jacket with a fall shirt and knaki bottoms.
either way you have great taste and style so i cant wait to see them!

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