Golden Globes Hit & Misses ...

Monday, January 16, 2012
Usually I do not judge the fashion from red carpet events, but something inside of me this morning was a little more opinionated ... so here is my outlet :)

Hits ...

The women who wore a cream colored dress this year knocked it out of the park ... they look elegant, classic and stylist. Charlise, Elle & Heidi had my favorites! They are STUNNING!!! Reese looked good, but the bust looks a little off to me ... if you notice her side pictures, she needed to have her dress pulled in a bit... other than that, she can do no wrong. And I am giving giving credit to Juilanne ... althought It's a bit "Jolie" she pulled off the look well! [we all remember Angelina in the stunning black gown and her emerald earings right?]

Missed the Mark:

Most of the time Jolie looks amazing, but I absolutly, positivily HATE this dress. She looks like she was an extra on a Star Trek episode. On the opposite side, I usually hate whatever Modonna and Kelly wear ... seriously ... where do they come up with these outfits? In my opinion, they ALWAYS miss the mark!

Awe, poor Glee fans ... maybe if they would have tired to dress their age ... but these are not the most flattering of dresses. I feel a little sad for them! AND WHAT THE HECK Mrs. Soon-to-Be Timerlake? You look fresh out of the 70's ... add a daisy headband and you would have fit right in. Maybe the dress isn't SO bad, but the hair? She looks very unput together. Darn, I like her.

Alight, let me explain. Sarah's dress shape and style are fab ... love it ... BUT WHYYYY ... I don't know what is going on here? Did we slip on some blue paint? Nope, not a fan. I want this dress in cream though ... now that would have been a HIT! And ms. Natalie, we may share a name, but not the same in fashion. Am I wrong or does this dress make her look another size too big? I don't even like the color. Reminds me of a bad bridesmaid dress ...I believe it's the same material too! And finally ... Michelle. We also share a name ... HOWEVER, I hate this dress, it reminds me of my grandma's drapes or floral couch ... not a fan ... however ... I'll give her a few points for the cute pixie cut and the headband ... which is fabulous!


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Cary said...

Jessica Albas dress was perfect! google it!

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