Operation Boy's Bedroom Makeover

Monday, April 23, 2012
Here I was thinking that April would be one of my "slower" months ... yeah right! After starting to sell Stella & Dot [which is going fabulous by the way] I am constantly staying busy by creating, creating, creating. The Bridal Solution has a new deign element now, where we are able to take brides idea and conform them into one unified look. This with new tool, we are also designing a lot of programs, menus, invitations, etc. Which is great, dont' get me wrong, but my free time is coming to an all time low.

Bayler is fast approaching 3 and growing like a weed. It was just last year [this week] that Bayler received his new "toddler" bed. I remember how excited I was to put the bed in his own room and watch as he became SO attached to it. Still to this day, his bed is his own space, and no one else is allowed on it. SO cute! Now that he is growing length wise, I decided it was time for a bedroom makeover. Since both boys sleep in the same room, we needed to upgrade to accommodate their needs. Braeden was sleeping in in a full bed and Bayler was in a toddler bed in the same room. I made an executive decision today that both boys were getting new matching twin beds... and soon, operation boys makeover bedroom began.

Since I am majorly TYPE A, I had to do a mock bedroom to make sure the ideas in my head would actually look good. So here is what I came up with. This week I'll give you little sneak peeks of the progress. My hope and goal is to have everything finished by this coming weekend!

What do you think of my faux bedroom? Thoughts?


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29th and Delight said...

I totally understand the need to mock up a room! I love where you're going with it and the monogrammed headboards are so classy (but still "cool" for a boys room!). We have that exact striped bedding from West Elm in our guest room - and love it! http://www.lifeinyellow.com/2012/02/decal-deliciousness-the-guest-room-update/

Can't wait to see how it turns out - your projects are always so fun to follow.

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