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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I know I broke the news a few weeks ago about Ryan and I's decision to build.  It's going to be a fun, crazy, rediculous ride, but I think both of us are looking at this as a positive.

The housing market in SO insane right now where we live.  There is just no other way to explain it.  Every day houses are put on the market and sold within a few days.  Many times, the house is not listed for sale, because it's already been picked up via word of month.  YES, it true and it's happening!!!!  Also, the homes that are previously owned, are now outdated with all of the new builds in the area and selling for the same price.  It's actually cheaper to BUILD than it is to BUY.

SO, we've decided to go on this crazy adventure and build our dream house.  Or at least our starter dream house.  For the next 5 months, I'll be posting about our building progress, our design style and of course how it all comes together.

Moving to Texas was about narrowing down our decisions.  We had about 10 cities where our family could grow and we narrowed it down to one.  From there we had to find a "side of town" we enjoyed or thought would be prosperous.  We then narrowed our decision down to neighborhood[s] and eventually the model of home we liked.  SO many factors go into building a home.  With this home in particular there were 9 options to the look, 5 for the floor plan and an unlimited number of options.

Below is the house we have decided to build.  All brick, 2 story home with 4 bedrooms, dining, office, butler's pantry, game, and media room.

 photo signature_zpsb9649549.jpg


Smarrke said...

Gorgeous, Natalie! I know you're going to really bring this plan to life in your own special way.

Ketolicious Konsumption said...

Awesoome blog you have here

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