State Fair Texas Style

Thursday, October 2, 2014
Oh a whip this past weekend, we decided to check out the Texas State Fair.
I for one have been a regular at the Missouri State Fair, going almost every year since I was little.
The Texas Fair, the largest in the country, was actually a very pleasant experience.  The first thing that I noticed was that it was EXTREMELY clean.  Also, everyone working from the front gate attendants to the clean up crews, were so helpful and sweet.  I actually feel like they were as excited to be there as we were.
The kids of course has a wonderful time and I am already planning our trip next year since I will know what to expect next time.  Like, um, maybe eating ONE meal before we get there.  Geez, the prices at the fair are out-of-control!  It was the only downfall I thought.  The rides were great, the food was good, the shows and free attractions were entertaining for the kids, but the prices ... you'll be lucky if your family can get out of there for under $200.00.  We just about doubled that, and honestly, I feel like we didn't really get anything.
Thankfully the excitement, shows and rides were enough to win the hearts of the boys, so totally worth it!  So glad we decided to go!

I forgot to mention that we were able to catch a few songs from Lucy Hale of Secret Little Liars!

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