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Thursday, October 23, 2014
Two pretty significant things happened over this past weekend ... and yes I know it's Thursday and I am JUST now getting around to posting about it.
1.  Our House SOLD!  We closed and packed in one weekend and it was INSANE!  Everything was thrown in boxes and trucked all the way back to Texas.  It feels incredibly good to be "home." However, with half of my items in storage and half in boxes in another apartment, I am feeling pretty dis-shuffled.  I am currently living in two separate apartments - one we have to be out of by the weekend, and the other will be our home for the next six months.  I keep thinking to myself - remember when I said I could live anywhere for six months?  Well, I am already having anxiety about the new place, even though I know we will be just fine.  It's small, but at least we have our own furniture and items to make it feel a little bit more like Our Home.
So that was HUGE.  We'll officially break ground in the next month and we'll start the 128 day process until a finished house.  I can not wait!
2.  Secondly, Breaden turned SEVEN.  Okay really, how does this happen?  It was just a few years ago when he was completely dependent on me, and now I can feel him slipping away.  I seriously feel like he could leave for college next month, he's so independent.  He is an amazing kid who has taken this move great, made really wonderful friends and has had a positive attitude! Friday is his Glow in the Dark birthday party ... he is just "a little" excited! Seven is going to be a great year for him, I just know it!!!  Happy Birthday Braeden, I love you more than words itself! 

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