Selecting Stone for Allegheny

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
Selecting our granite for Allegheny wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  Since I, myself, have never gone through the process, I have been relying on others stories of finding the perfect stone.

I wasn't until I got the call on Saturday that they needed us to come "as quickly as possible." when it started to get REAL!  Woo Whooo, finally time to choose the granite for our kitchen and bathrooms!  [insert :: start researching granite and how to make the best choice possible!]

That was about the height of the excitement.  Once we arrived it was less exciting and more daunting.  And not daunting like "whoa there are so many choices to choose from," more like - this is it?!  I guess it's just upsetting that I have been trying to go to this slab yard - their words, not mine, for a few months now.  I wanted to get this part of the selection process done, and yet I was told to wait, they will contact you when they're ready.  And then the rush of it all. The call on Saturday stating that we have to get there immediately or your house wont be complete on time .... I mean seriously?!

When we arrived, we quickly learned that there were not as many options as we had thought. The granite they had chosen for us was exactly what we did NOT want, not to mention the large RUST stain all over the slab.  Which I have since learned some people appreciate since it's natural stone.   Needless to say, we had to move a different direction.  Everyone we liked, was either tagged for another customer or was not available.  I know this seems so silly, but to me this was a big deal, a lot of money and a disappointment. I wanted to arrive and find THE ONE that was screaming my name ... which I did, I just couldn't' have it.  Which to me - was worse!

I think the slab we finally agreed upon is still a good selection and yes, I am happy with it, but I am still a little "iffy.".  I probably will have nightmares until I see it installed, which I hear is just in a few short weeks.

Stone we Wanted ... 

Stone we Selected ...


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