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Thursday, February 19, 2015
Introducing my new infatuation - our countertops.
If I could touch them right now I would be kissing every inch of these bad boys. I am in love!
It took a while to get to this point, but to see them installed in all their glory, it's exactly what Ryan and I wanted.  I couldn't be happier with our choice.
The countertops are a granite stone called Golden Exotica.  If you do a search for this particular stone, you'll notice that they come up REALLY yellow.  9 out of 10 times if you ask for Golden Exotica, it's going to be a yellow granite.  However, if you recall our granite post HERE and HERE, you'll see that these were an exception.  When we saw them in the stone yard, we had to have them.  Thank goodness it all worked out!

All the countertops went in yesterday, including our master bath.  Here's a quick view of the countertops in there, which I am also extremely pleased with!  Now that the main construction is done, it's time to focus on all of the finishes.  Today the tile should be arriving!


A part of me was sad yesterday when I saw the countertops in the kitchen.  I love them so much and I was sad because that stone stays with the house.  I don't know how long I will live here, but if I could, I would so take these with me :)


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