Fall Festivals :: 2015

Monday, March 7, 2016
I can't believe how far behind I am in blogging ... like REALLY behind!!!  I have had these photos sitting on my desktop, just waiting to blog about all the fun festivals we went to this Fall.  Yes ... you read that right.  We're now in SPRING, and I'm talking about the Fall. Oh my!

So a Historical Town right next to us is McKinney, Texas and they host an Oktoberfest Festival every year.  It was such a pretty day we had to check it out!  The downtown square in McKinney is the cutest.  Tons of retail shops, boutiques, home decor, restaurants, wineries, you name in.  It is really a great place to visit.  [hint, hint, wink, wink FRIENDS].  Anyways, I couldn't help but share some sweet photos of the boy and the rides!

And just before this little festival was the annual Plano Balloon Glow.  Crazy attendance, tons of food, and GREAT balloon sightings!  Nothing like a few corn dogs before the show to keep these two in good spirits!  No one wants a melt down in the middle of a field! :)

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