Texas Tulips :: Spring 2016

Friday, March 18, 2016
Tuesday was such a long day, it was a draining day and really after work, I'll I wanted to do was crawl back in bed.  It's hard juggling family/work life some days and this day, was REALLY hard.  I pulled myself together and got the kids ready for the Tulip Farm like I had promised. I was so tired and drained and going and doing "one more thing" was not on the top of my list.  However, when we got there, it was such a beautiful site.  So many tulips, so many colors, and the site of being away from it all was quite stunning.  We have to drive a good 45 minutes to get there, and really, there is nothing better than driving out to the country and seeing all Gods Glory.   We went last year, you may remember, if not here is the post from 2015.

The kids were happy, everyone was having fun, choosing their favorite tuplip, and thankfully the weather cooperated.  I am so thankful for these two. The loves of my life.  Sometimes it's important to sit back and enjoy nature's beauty .. in ALL the glorious colors!

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