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Thursday, January 22, 2015
Inspiration for the kitchen is coming along nicely.  In fact, everything has been selected and is currently in production except for the granite, which will be chosen next week.
1.  Our cabinets will be all white, with a very dark, almost black island.  2. These will be our barstools that will fit under the overhang of the island. Found at World Market  3. These pulls and matching knobs will be the jewelry of our cabinets.  Found at RH4. We also opted for clear glass filament pendant lights for the island.  I am loving these "old school" light bulbs, which will make the light!  5. One of the main focal points of our kitchen is the wooden stovetop vent.  Ryan and I probably looked at 50 houses and we couldn't figure out what it was that we "loved" about certain houses. Enter the design center and bam - we saw it and new this was an upgrade that would make the kitchen feel complete and high end.  6. I always want to add personal touches to each space.  This photo represents a few recipes we'll frame and have displayed from both Ryan and I's Grandmothers.  I am really excited about this fun project that I'll put together before we move in.  Thank you Grandmas!  7. The Granite.  I am nervous about the granite, I have to say. However, next week I am on my way to select the block.  Right now we have chosen a white cashmere granite, but I have a feeling when I visit the granite yard things may change, but it will be a light option like the photo below.  8. And finally, the backsplash is a Grey Glass Subway tile.  Very modern, but I can't wait to see this with the white cabinets and light granite.  A very subtle contrast, but all my favorite colors!


Here's the bare bones in the Model Home.  You can see where some items will be similar and where we have made different selections.  But now you have a visual!

Okay, what is your kitchen like?  Did I miss something design wise?  After you built or completed a renovation any "I wish I would have's?"

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29th and Delight said...

Obviously I'm commenting because I'm having SO much fun following along as we both build! :) Love, love, love your selections - so very you and beautifully pulled together! I'm a sucker for those Edison bulbs, too! Have you selected your appliances yet? Page had to talk me into upgrading them in the first house (like majorly upgrade them...I felt like we were burning money!) but it was the best decision ever -- and we did it again in our current build. You have to lean in to hear if the dishwasher is even running - a huge "lifestyle" type thing when you're all trying to hang out in the kitchen and not yell over the whish whish of the dishwasher. (This has been reinforced for us as we're in a cruddy apartment with the cheapest/loudest appliances ever!) :) Can't wait to see pics of all of it coming to life!!!

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