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Monday, January 12, 2015
In a way, it's nice to be able to start from scratch when you're building your home.  Newly painted walls, fresh untarnished floors and designing your own personal oasis in the kitchen.
Now that our home is framed, and the next steps are brick and dry wall, it's time to begin thinking about the space itself.  Colors, hues, and the overall feel of each area.  More importantly, the cohesion when moving from one room to another.
This past week I have put together a pallet of colors and textures to help me when selecting furniture, window coverings and area rugs for our home.  The main spaces being the kitchen, family room, and dining room.  For the most part, I have selected natural, organic and neutral colors and textures for each space.

The walls in our house will be all Grey, a builders grey selection.  We have also purchased a grey dining table.  The backsplash in our kitchen are a grey glass tile and we have selected grey barstools.  Along with other accents, greys will be found throughout the house.  It is my absolute favorite color!
Organic Wood & Textures:
Hardwood floors will be found throughout the main level.  We have chosen a dark, hand scrapped [against the grain] stain.  The kitchen island and the fireplace mantle will be a black wasabi color, which is a very deep brown.  To the naked eye, will look black.  Lighter, more natural, shades of wood grain will be found throughout the house in décor and furniture selections.
Black furniture, chairs, along with the island and mantle will give the allure of a farmhouse feel.  Our kitchen table & bedroom will be the main pieces throughout the house that incorporate black. 
Windows, stairway, trim all will be white.  As well as the cabinets, and a lighter countertop with black specs.  White will be a stable when it comes to furniture and accents.  Nothing is better to me than a white airy room. *Swoon*
This was by far the HARDEST choice of the whole house.  Do I go with Silver or Black light fixtures, door handles and vanity lights.  I lost sleep over this decision - honestly I did.  I still am on the fence, but have decided to go with all Silver, including the kitchen pulls.  I think because I am using dark wood stain in a few places, the silver will be a nice touch to  "glam" it up.  I will let you know if a few months if I made the right decision :)
My accent color.  You'll find this in plants, curtains, and other décor through the entire house.  I love the green mixed with the wood grain and whites to create a clean, farmhouse feel.
Here is a few of the inspirational photos I have been working on.  Our house wont look like the below photos, but the colors and hues in each represent our house well.  Except for the dark lights, where we will have silver. :)

Anyone else have any suggest for colors we should consider?  We would love to see photos as well!


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