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Monday, January 5, 2015

In a past life of mine, I waited until I moved into the home to even start thinking about the artwork to hang.  Therefore, the chore - I am TASK, seemed daunting and my walls were left bare for a longer time that I am willing to admit.  So, new year new me right?!  Well I am already thinking ahead to moving in less than 90 days, and really tackling the walls.  Since the boys have been moved around SO much in the last few years, I want them to be amazed when they walk in and see the house fully moved it and decked out with some of our favorite pieces new and old.
And for all of you visitors [hopefully sooner rather than later] I am thinking about art work in the spare bedroom as well.  Here are just a few of the selections we have made so far. MOST are produced by artists around the country - and I am SO happy to support their work!
 Starting at the top [left to right]:
1.  My favorite hometown piece for the office. Created by Hoot Design Co., I had this framed for my last office, and now it will hang in the study.  2.  Framed Sea Fan [working on a DIY version as they are EXPENSIVE and will be hung in either master bath or the powder room.  3.  The Staredown by Amy Carrol via Minted.  This piece will be displayed in the our guest bedroom.  4.  This Dream Big print, via Etsy will hang in our "game room" over a homework table and cute chairs for the boys.  5.  And this print, which I already have will hang in the boys bathroom.

Starting at the Top [left to right]:
1.  A longhorn will hang on our floor to ceiling stone on the fireplace.  2.  But First Coffee print via Etsy will be displayed on the counter in our butler's pantry.  3.  Anthropolgy Zinc Letters will be used in various ways in the boys rooms  4.  This Dallas Print, via Etsy will also be displayed in the guest room as well.

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Sam Stayer said...

Beautifully turned out. You have a hidden design talent, we need to develop. Success !!!

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