{Braeden Disaster Update}

Monday, July 12, 2010
To ease a lot of your minds (after I got a ton of emails) Braeden is doing much better than before. Friday I was able to get him into an ENT, and from the looks of things, Braeden will have surgery in a month. From what I hear, most doctors won't take tonsils & adenoids before 3, but Braeden's are pretty sever. In fact, he said it's almost physically impossible for Braeden to breath out of his nose. Poor guy! He has been put on four meds to help clear a lot of the infection and sinuses out, so we are hopeful the swelling and adenoids shrink. However, in the back of our minds, we know he will have to have the surgury either way.

All in all thought, he is in better spirits, back to his wild and crazy self, which is what we love about it! Braeden, although has been very sick this year, still keeps everyone laughing.

Thanks for all the advice, emails, etc. Love you all!



Bri said...

Ugh, sick kids break my heart! I'm so happy to hear your little man is doing better.

I'm kind of glad you posted this series, as we have been going through something similar. My 3 year old has been battling chronic ear infections for the past six months, and we are discussing the possibility of having tubes put in. While I support the procedure because it would bring my baby some relief, I worry about the anesthesia. Based on my conversations with other mother's at my son's school, the procedure is more difficult for Mama than it is for child.

I hope your little man continues to feel better. It certainly looks as though things are on the upswing!

Stephanie said...

Poor little guy! I just said a prayer for him. Hope he gets some relief real soon!

JennyLee said...

I'm glad he's feeling a little better!

Hattie said...

We went through the same thing with Ethan. He had to have the same surgery too. After everything he felt soooooo much better and your little guy will too!

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