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Tuesday, July 6, 2010
We had such a fun-filled weekend, it was absolutly perfect! You know everyone's had a good time when the last day everyone is EXHAUSTED because it's been go go go go the whole time!

All four of us have gone to the pool every single day this weekend. We have followed it up by parades, weddings, fireworks, barbeques, carnivals & birthdays. Yeah ... did you get all of that??

One things that was consistent was our new infatuation of picnics. After you have kids, you find little things to do to get our the house, but also to entertain your kids. Picnic's have done the trick for us.

In fact, that got me thinking ... I bet there are some beautiful picnic tables out there ... here are a few ...

Also, this is a SUPER great product from Tuffo. Mine is in the mail :) Bring on the picnics!


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M.O.T.B said...

Makes me want to have a picnic!!!

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