{Front Door Envy}

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Let's just say this ... I will have this door someday!!

I am also loving one of my old friend, Liz's mom's front door. Did you get all that? haha. Anyways, check out Pam's blog and her beautiful raincoat yellow door.

Wouldn't you love to come home to it everyday?



Stephanie said...

My front door is feeling pretty sad right now. These are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Ah Thanks. It was a crazy thing to do but I have received so many compliments. I guess sometimes we just have to push that decor envelope a bit to do something outside of comfort zone but somehow feels right.
Love that blue door too. I wish I had five houses to decorate. So many ideas too little time and space. :)
Thanks for the feature.

Hattie said...

Ours look awful right now! We need to put a new gloss on it. Love those pics though!!! The yellow one rocks!

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