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Wednesday, December 22, 2010
These gifts may be last minute, but that doesn't make them any less important! Since Braeden is in school this year (daycare/preschool) I wanted to be sure to pick something up for his teacher and the Owner who is a friend of ours. Before I had an idea, I found it really hard to come up with something that would say "Thank You" but still stay a bit classy as well. What teacher really wants an apple? Anyways, I saw this free printable over at Twig & Thistle and I immediately knew what I wanted to do!

I mean, how cute are these??

Of off I went to Starbucks! I picked them each up a gift card (just $5.00, enough for them to get some joe) and I asked the man behind the counter if he could also give me 2 cups with lids.

I just went home, printed off the free printable from b*spoke and pasted it onto the cup. Inside I dropped the gift card, and now it's complete. SO easy! Here is how mine turned out ...

The perfect way to say "Thank You!"


Secondly, here is a quick DIY gift that I am giving the hubs this year. It only cost me $2.00! It's just a little something I will put in his stocking, not the main focal point gift of course, but just something that says "I was thinking about you."

While I was shopping for my digital silhouette necklace items, I found these cuff links. Nothing special, but I thought, since I am already buying this Mod Podge Dimensional Magic, I could use it with these. Are you ready?

I printed out "I"s for Imhoff. I did 2 in white and 2 in grey (so they would work with all suits). I cut out small circles so they would fit the insides of the cuff links. I poured the dimensional magic in and waited for them to dry. That's it! They do have a few bubbles in them, but that is because I didn't catch them right away, if you watch it, it should not bubble. Unfortunately for me, I decided to make them right under his nose, but I didn't want them out drying for him to notice, so I put them downstairs ... which is why I was not watching them :)

Like I said, nothing special, just really easy, but really cool! I think he'll like them!


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JennyLee said...

My hubby would love the cuff links! Very cute cup idea! I bet the teachers appreciated them!

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