{Triming the Tree 2010}

Tuesday, December 7, 2010
After a busy weekend filled with moving (not us) and decorating, it was nice on Sunday night to sit snuggled up on the couch and admire what all we accomplished.

Sunday was our decorating day. We busted out all the Christmas boxes, lit pepermint swirl candles & and hot cocoa on the stove. All that was missing was the tree. Now, for those of you would go to "tree farms" in search for the perfect tree and get the whole expeience, this will be less than exciting for you. We piled up in the car and headed to a tree lot in Old Munchiburg. Now, let me tell you. Ryan and I have got our tree there for the past 3 years, and every year I say it's the best tree yet! I seriously LOVE their trees. My favorite are White Pines, and get this, there were only 3 left on Sunday. Thank goodness we got there when we did! For those of you who dont' know what White Pines are, they are these really puffy, long needle trees. They don't do well with a lot of orniments, and they have to be pretty light. All mine are, so it's not a problem for us, but it could be for some of you.

Once we got it home, we flocked it (my new favorite thing) and started to decorate. Oh how I love it! I hung up the stockings, brought out the wreaths, and set out the decorations. It finally feels like Christmas!



Lamp Tramp said...

I love your flocked White Pine, it's so dreamy. I bet it smells divine!

Skooks said...

Very sweet tree.

Karie said...

Cute tree. I didn't know people flocked their own trees anymore. I did that for years, many years ago. Great job! Thanks for sharing.

kara@elements-interiors.net said...

HEY Natalie!! im your newest follower! I am LOOOOVIN your blog! We almost used that name for our son! I am cruising around your blog lovin EVERYTHING! And those boys, BEYOND ADORABLE!!!
I would love for you to visit my Design blog and 14 days of xmas trees...and a giveaway you might like :) Im off to look around some more!



JennyLee said...

So pretty!

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