{Imhoff Christmas Cards 2010}

Friday, December 3, 2010
I finally decided on our Christmas Cards this year. I really wanted something different, and to be honest, I had not found a single photo holiday card I liked online. I did however find some inspiration.

You may remember the photo from our family photo shoot a couple of days ago. At first I didn't think I got a "Christmas Card Photo." I was a little disappointed, but I figured I would the ol'kids in front of the Christmas Tree photo. Problem was, I still don't have a tree and time it ticking! After doing some editing, I quickly realized I did have my photo for the card, and it looked fabulous as a vintage picture. So I ran with it.

Here is the first card I created (something just didn't feel right) ...

and here is the second (too plain) ...

And finally ... here is what I decided on ... I LOVE IT. I designed it from start to finish; taking the picture, editing, creating the vintage look, adding the artwork, and finally adding those little details. I could not be happier, and I can't wait to go get them printed next week!

Possible Etsy print? I think so!



JennyLee said...

What a gorgeous pic. I love the editing.

Between Blue and Yellow said...

What a great idea! Your boys are beautiful :)

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