Hospital Sleepover Weekend

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Well, I can't even begin to explain the crazy weekend we had here. I will have to say it was one of the scariest experiences I have had as a mother. Bayler has been pretty sick for about a month now, just off and on, nothing too serious. He started daycare about a month and a half ago, and if you have kids, you know they are bound to get sick left and right in the beginning.

So I started noticing the last few days of last week he seemed to be acting differently. He was really achy, didn't play very much, and was stiff. Especially if I needed to pick him up or change his diaper. I am telling you, on Thursday, I went to lay him down to change him, and he screamed, had to roll on his back, and couldn't sit up without rolling on his side, that's how much pain he was in. I felt SO bad. I immediately called the doctor, and they were able to get in the next day at the office. SO, overnight was terrible. I really thought we would be okay with Tylenol, but his lymph nodes began to swell. When he finally arrived at the doctors office, his nodes were past his cheeks. The doctor looked at him for about 30 seconds, checked his throat, and said "I am really uncomfortable with what I am seeing, he needs to be emitted immediately to the hospital, and there needs to be blood work, IVs and a CAT scan done." WHATTTT. You can imagine how scared I was. It was so serious, they would not let me run home to get his blanket or his comfy clothes, they told me I had to drive right there. AHHH.

We got him there, and I was thinking they would give him a strong antibiotic and we would be there for a few hours ... little did i know, we would be there for 3 straight days. It was awful. He was so tough though. THANK GOD it turned out to be a sever infection, but when we got there we had to talk about the possibilities of a mass or obstruction behind his tonsils. They also were throwing around the possibility of blood cancer, so I am SOOOO thankful this holiday season that Bayler is doing MUCH better, and he just needed to get that IV antibiotic.

I managed to take a few photos of our stay at Saint Mary's ... poor guy even had to wear a babies hospital outfit, had a "cast" like IV, and was pretty much bed bound. UMMM, has anyone tried to keep a 2 1/2 year old in bed for 3 days straight?

Did I mention that Santa came to visit Bayler twice? AND brought gifts. I am so thankful that someone took the time to do that for not just Bayler but the other kids, it's such a pick-me-up in the hospital!


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