O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Thursday, December 22, 2011
As Christmas comes closer, I thought I would show you what our Christmas tree looks like. I am in LOVE with it this year.

So here's the deal, I LOVE me a flocked tree. So before I place any decorations, I flock the absolute CRAP out of the tree. It's pretty much a white tree when I am finished with it, only because I know a lot of it will fall off as I am decorating the tree and as time goes on.

My color scheme is simple, white, silver and glitter. I have everything from glittered pine cones to ostrich feathers. My absolute favorite tree ornament this year are my glittered birds with a white feathered tail ... gorgeous! My tree also only has white clear lights, I'm not a huge fan of colored lights for some reason.

So, this year I did something that was CRAZY and the verdict is still out. After flocking my tree, I took a TON of silver glitter, and while the flock was still wet, I threw glitter all over. Yes ... I am still picking it up and finding it in weird places, but it does make the tree look super cool!

What does your tree look like?


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