Presents are Wrapped/Table is Set

Saturday, December 24, 2011
It's the night before Christmas Eve. Up until today, our lives have been ciaos, but tonight, it's calm! Kids are asleep, presents are wrapped and the table is set. All that's missing is a little snow on the ground!

I have to say, Christmas has really snuck up on me this year. It really doesn't feel like Christmas will be in 2 days, but I am so excited for our family get-togethers. Tomorrow afternoon my Dad is coming down to visit and have our own little Christmas with the kids. Tomorrow night we'll attend our Church's service and then head over to Ryan's Grandmas for our annual Christmas Even surf n' turf. Christmas morning we'll have our own family traditions are our home, head over to Ryan's parents house and wind up at my Mom's house Christmas night. It will be a full 2 days, but I couldn't be more excited.

When you're a kid, you live for Christmas, but as you grow up, it looses a lot of the hype. Until you have kids. The joy on their faces Christmas Morning is the best in the world!

Hope you all have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!


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