Post Christmas Shopping

Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Every year I wake up early the day after Christmas and I head to Target. I don't do the whole store hoping, I just go to Target. I grab a few items I had my eye on during the holiday season, and I quickly put them away so I am not tempted to put them out or use them this year.

Then every Christmas I have something "new" to decorate with! It's like a surprise every year! This year I walked away with a few great finds. I only picked two pieces, but I got a great deal on them, and I will be really excited about them next year!

#1. My new cashmere fir tree ...

I am starting a new tradition next year. Since the kids don't really get to help me set up our Christmas tree in the family room [too many breakable ornaments] I got them their own Christmas Tree. Every year I'll let them pick a new ornament or two to add to the tree!

#2. Iced Grapevine Balls ...

I have been eyeing these for a while now, I want to use them on my tablescape for next year. The picture shows a regular grapevine ball, but the ones I purchased are iced ... so pretty!!

Did you all find any great deals? Better yet, what did you all get for Christmas?


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Megan said...

I was up early to get to target too! I bought some glittery snowflakes, misletoe kissing balls, and some pretty snowlfake plates. Last year I got my tree, stocking holders, and tree topper. After Christmas sales are seriously the way to go!

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