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Friday, August 21, 2015
Wow, crazy how when you post a video thinking only your close friends and family will watch and then 1,000 views later, you realize, A LOT of people you do or don't even know have been entertained.

So basically this is Braeden's first year playing Football.  He is SO into it!  So it wasn't a surprise when his Coach handed him his playbook and his recruitment letter with a "signing bonus" that we would do something BIG.  All players here attend a combine where they are ranked.  From there, coaches get together and pick their team based on the statistics in front of them and what they need, a lot of them never seeing the kids before.  We were fortunate enough that we knew our coach and were selected to be on his team, the TCU Horned Frogs.  Our coach is fun and outgoing and handed each child "recruiting papers" and a "signing bonus."  Each child was asked to read the team and kid rules and then sign their name.  Once signed, they could open their bonus.  He said he would love it if we could video tape this ... ummm, if someone tells me to video ANYTHING, I am SO in!  Basically already had it planned in my head :)  For those of you who know me, this probably does not come as a surprise. 

So here is our little video that has seemed to either make a lot of Mizzou fans mad [WE LOVE MIZZOU!] and or make people laugh!  It's only for fun peeps, we still bleed Black and Gold!


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