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Monday, August 10, 2015
You all know that I don't often blog about health related topics.  Truth be told, I am not an expert nor live my life as healthy as I would like, therefore, not an expert in the field.  But today is different.  I have been struggling with Migraines for over 15 years, only to find they are getting worse as the years go on.  I am talking about the debilitating, unprovoked, nauseous, can't lift a finger headache that consumes my life without warning ... MANY times a month.

Here's the straight up truth as I know it.  I get migraines usually twice a month, not related to my menstrual cycle, therefore, VERY hard to predict when one will hit.  And hit they do.  Within moments I know I am getting one, I immediately know there is nothing I can do but to let it run it's course.  These things are for sure ... I will get very hot, sweaty, I will start to have a hard time communicating, driving is almost impossible [I have gotten sick in my car more times than I can count,] I will, without a doubt, get sick, and then I need a DARK, QUITE room to sleep until morning.  For me, 90% of my migraines happen after 5:00 PM.  For those that begin in the daytime, usually involves the sun. 

I have done a TONE of research on migraines, trying to figure out my triggers and then removing them from my diet or routine.  These have included, wine, soda and direct sunlight.  Each of these for a while has helped, but they certainly don't eliminate the migraines entirely.  It's almost as if once my body realizing I am starving it of a certain trigger, it will immediately find something else to gravitate towards.  SO frustrating. 

I have gone to the doctor many times over the years to try and get a prescription, or something I can take immediately once one begins.  Most doctors will tell me to try extra strength ibuprofen first, and then once I try that, then come back and tell them if it worked or not.  IT NEVER WORKS!  And seriously, I don't have time to come back and talk about migraines.  When you don't have them, you really aren't thinking about them all the time, at least in my experience.  Finally a few months ago, I tried speaking with a neurologist.  This individual was quick to write a prescription, however, problem was, it didn't help me.  I HATE taking pills and medicines, just because it's more of a hassle than anything.  The very next day I felt a migraine coming on, I quickly popped what I thought was my magic pill ... and nothing changed.  Same symptoms, still extremely ill and sick.  SO what was next?!  I could go down the list of prescriptions and maybe one would eventually work, OR I could starting taking things into my own hands.

After staying up what seemed like all night, I read an article about Magnesium Deficiency and Migraines.  Basically that a lot of migraine sufferers are deficient in magnesium, and if they would eat more foods known to be high in Mg, they may begin to see a change.  I was willing to try anything!!!  Guess what?  I have not had a single migraine since I started eating foods with high magnesium and taking a supplement daily.  Seriously ... gone. Not even a symptom.  How is this even possible?!

It is thought that magnesium plays an important role reacting to blood vessels in the brain.  Along with affecting the blood vessels, Mg is known to also affect our nervous system, muscle tissue, and heart health.  I am not a doctor, SO, before you start taking any supplement, or anything for that matter, you really should consult your physician.  All I can say is that I am healthy, I feel great, I am taking my magnesium supplement daily, along with 30 minutes of exercise a day and I have never felt better!  Are you one of the people like me who is magnesium deficient?  How would you love to get ride of migraines?!  Maybe magnesium is the answer?  Good Luck!!


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Unknown said...

I am so excited for you. It sounds like the two of us have found gems. Keep us posted on how you do.
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