What's your Children's Nightly Routine?

Tuesday, August 4, 2015
It's something so mundane for us, the nightly routine before bedtime, rarely thought about, it's just more of a motion for us.  I took a photograph last night of Bayler sneaking out of his room.  I had caught him a few times before, so I quickly grabbed for my camera before he tried it again.  The photo alone got a lot of attention on social media.  It was a black & white, still frame photo, but I believe showed true innocence of my Bear. 
It gave me a thought, of capturing, in black and white our nightly routine.  SO, although I was one step away from the emergency room from pain [another story for another time] I quickly documented the boys.  I got a few weird looks at first, but the camera was quickly forgotten.

What are you and your kids nightly routines?

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